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Get Lashed new bannerTransform you appearance with threading, lash and tinting services from only £7!



Get Lashed offers a range of 16 professional strip lashes. These are made to the highest quality to ensure that they are easy to apply and look sensational. With 16 lash designs available, you can choose from natural everyday looks to full fluttery strips or dramatic styles for the more adventurous. You create every look from rock chick to diva and instantly get the WOW factor!

Get Lashed strip lashes can be worn up to 5 times so are fantastic value for money. Plus you can rest assure that your lashes will look amazing from morning to night - Get Lashed lash glue is carefully developed to ensure as much lash staying power as possible!

Strip lashes a must have beauty purchase and an instant fashion fix.


Please note that not all services are available in every store.



The hottest service on the market right now - false and strip lashes will give you an instantly chic look with maximum impact. Lashes were big news at Fashion Week and can take years off you. Enhance your appearance with a huge variety of different lash styles. Whether you want a few single lashes at the outer corner or full feather diamante strips, lashes are for you!

False Eyelash Extensions

For longer fuller looking lashes


False Eyelash Extensions Outside Edge

Enhances the outer edge of your lashes


Strip Lashes (including application)

Choose from natural to more dramatic styles

£7 - £15


Ditch the mascara and have your lashes tinted instead! Don’t forget your brows either, tinting is essential for light brows and will last up to 6 weeks.

Eyelash Tint

Replace your mascara with lash tinting for darker sultry lashes


Eyebrow Tint

Perfect for giving light brows definition

More text


Lash & Brow Tint

The ultimate duo – enhance both your lashes test text



Threading is the ultimate way to take care of your brows. Fast and precise, threading will transform your appearance!

Eyebrow Threading/Wax


Upper Lip Threading/Wax


Brows & Upper Lip Threading/Wax


Whole Face Threading (including brows)


Sides Threading


Neck Threading


Chin Threading


Middle Threading